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Glass Transportation

Flat glass is transported on our A-frame flatbed and lowbed trailers. We have been fortunate to have a number of logistics and dedicated agreement with our customers in this industry. Combined Transport started with Glass as the first commodity that we shipped. It is now the staple of our business, growing year after year

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Heavy Haul

Our heavy haul division has a fleet of tractors and specialized trailers capable of hauling up to 175,000 lbs. Our goal is to provide a smooth, continuous transport with our specialized personnel and equipment. We will obtain all permits, route approvals, escorts and etc. so that you will not have to. With proper planning, we will deliver your shipment not only safely, but cost effectively and on time.

Refrigerated Freight

Blackwell Consolidation, LLC. Has set the standard for a professional, cutting edge trucking company operating in all 48 states and Canada. We believe that quality, timeliness, and value set the pace for our ever-growing business. Today, Blackwell Consolidation operates over 120 tractors and 150 trailers while also managing multiple dedicated fleets.

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General Commodities

Our general commodity authorities allow us to haul any type of product anywhere in the 48 United States and Canada. Our brokerage authority allows us limitless equipment availability to provide complete and reliable service for your logistical needs. We employ toll-free lines and satellite systems for instant up-to-the-minute updates and progress reports on your commodities while en route as well as EDI capabilities for convenience and accuracy.

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