Blackwell Consolidation

Blackwell Consolidation, LLC. Has set the standard for a professional, cutting edge trucking company operating in all 48 states and Canada. We believe that quality, timeliness, and value set the pace for our ever-growing business. Today, Blackwell Consolidation operates over 120 tractors and 150 trailers while also managing multiple dedicated fleets.

As an acquisition in 2012 for our parent company, Combined Transport Logistics Group, Blackwell Consolidation has seen the largest growth within our family of companies. Market demand coupled with asset shortage throughout the industry has created a perfect scenario for us to thrive. In 2017, Blackwell Consolidation averaged 98% asset utilization and saw well over 100% multiple times. We believe our culture provides drivers a company that is above industry standard and instills trust between corporate and driver employees.

As a cutting edge trucking company, Blackwell Consolidation invests a substantial amount of money every day in our ever-growing technology. Full tracking, Reefer Monitoring, EDI, On-Dash Video Footage and Automated Customer Metrics are a few systems we are able to provide any client, at any time.

Whether it’s a single specialized load or a custom-tailored dedicated fleet, allow Blackwell Consolidation the opportunity to prove that it’s not only a professional trucking company but a cutting edge carrier willing to go above and beyond for any client.

Blackwell Consolidation

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