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Combined Transport, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business whose roots run through 50 years of trucking in America. Our personal sales representatives, using a computerized dispatch system, work directly with your customers and shippers to give reliable and dependable service. We’ll be here over the long-haul to help you move into the future. Let Combined Transport, Inc. provide you with the professional, dependable service that you require.


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Our Mission

The mission of Combined Transport Logistics Group, Inc. is to be a growth-oriented provider of a variety of flatbed, heavy and specialized trucking services, always seeking to become the preferred employer for all our drivers and the preferred transportation provider for all of our shippers.

To accomplish this, we will do the following:

Create and maintain a culture where we support our drivers in their efforts to provide exemplary service to our shippers.

Establish close working relationships with all shippers.

Identify shipper needs and develop programs to satisfy those needs by supplying services having the best possible value.

Provide quality and service superior to that of our competitors.

Invest in the new product and process developments, personnel, and facilities needed to assure our shippers that Combined Transport, Inc. will respond in a timely and cost-effective manner to their needs.

Strive to perform on-time claim-free deliveries.

Operate in an environmentally safe manner.

Be the safest trucking company on the road.

We Are Unique

At Combined Transport Inc. we are a family of people working together to build a better future for our customers, shippers and ourselves. We’re moving into the future.

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