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Wind Energy has become an integral part of life in North America, with our society moving towards a healthy and independent future. 

As a supplier for wind energy we fully understand the extraordinarily complex problems that can arise during Wind Tower Transport moves. Experience and safety every time is the key to a successful Superload move.

Our Wind Team consists; of safe and professional Truck Drivers, certified experienced Escorts, an in house Heavy Haul Permit Department that is well versed in providing optimum solutions for complex Oversize Wind Energy needs, and efficient, organized coordinators to oversee and ensure that the entire operation runs smoothly.

Combined Transport Inc has developed an in depth Safety Training Program consisting of class room and field classes, as well as weekly updates sent directly to the Truck Drivers on board computers. We have created Transportation Safety Programs that consist of a Movement Process Plan, and Information Manuals which are available for review upon customer request. 

11 Axle Full Schnabel’s  Our lightweight  Aspen trailers allow for greater maneuverability lower permitting costs and faster lead times on time sensitive projects.

7 Axle Single Schnabel’s for increased fuel economy and maneuverability.

6 Axle Dolly Trailer are extremely light and maneuverable with minimal permitting costs when loaded.

Please see our Heavy Haul Equipment list for a variety of additional equipment combinations capable of any Wind Project deliveries.

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