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Escorts/Pilot Cars

Combined Transport policy prohibits cell phone use while escorting!
You must call Combined Transport to approve ANY additional charges beyond the agreed rate listed above. The call must be made on the day any additional charges occur, and a new confirmation sheet will be faxed or emailed.
Truck Drivers are NOT authorized to approve or discuss rates, approve layover, or set up any additional charges.
Overnight charges are included on all signed agreements, only under special circumstances will Combined Transport Inc. pay additional fees!
You must have Escort Dispatch approval and a receipt must be submitted with your invoice to get reimbursement! (Max $65.00 daily)
All No/Go's must be approved the day of the occurrence by Escort.
All Escorts are to call Combined Driver to arrange meet times and locations, failure to call will result in denial of No/Go pay!
All tolls are the responsibility of the escort company.
If proper procedures are followed, payment will be made within fifteen business days upon completion of trip.
We now offer 2 new payment options: Direct Deposit and Quick Pay with Direct Deposit.  Please contact Deana Speedling for more details. Direct line: 541-618-6547