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Combined Transport, Inc. is a deregulation baby.  The founder, Richard Card, took advantage of the political environment of the late seventies to obtain his operating authority and achieve his lifelong dream of running a trucking company.  His many years of experience as a driver, owner-operator and fleet owner helped educate him into the ways of moving freight.  Equipped with this knowledge, he opened and operated a number of prosperous freight brokerages, many of which are still operating successfully today.  He parlayed ownership of those companies and a productive venture on the Alaska Pipeline into enough capital to start Combined Transport, Inc. on September 2, 1980. 

From this humble beginnings, Combined grew rapidly starting with only one company truck and a few owner-operators.  Using his unique skills of engineering and salesmanship, Richard attacked freight problems and turned them into opportunities.  One such opportunity was in the transportation of uncrated flat glass.  In conjunction with PPG Industries, Inc., one of the largest glass producing companies, a system of glass transportation was developed that both revolutionized the industry and provided mutual benefits for all involved.

In early 1982, two of his sons joined the young firm. Ronald Moore and David Card brought what the company previously lacked, a management core that operated the firm with understanding and tenacity and also allowed Richard the freedom to expand into other profitable projects.  In 1983, two other sons, Michael Card and Mitchel Moore came on board.  Their college education and insurance and banking backgrounds helped round out the executive team.  Armed with the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of Richard and the management and operational skills of the sons, Combined not only weathered the recession of the early eighties, it grew into a multi-million dollar company with growth rates averaging 35%. 

As the company grew, the sons effectively took over the running of all aspects of the company, which led to buying out Richard in 1990.  Since then, the company has been growing at a steady rate by concentrating on specialized transportation, especially flat glass and over-dimensional heavy haul.  In 1994, the last of the sons, Jon Card, retired from the Navy after twenty years and joined the company.  His extensive experience in electronic communications fits nicely with the technological changes the company is currently experiencing.  The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when Cassandra Moore, the only daughter, came on board in 1996.  Her transformation from teacher to Risk Manager was easier than was hoped for and she brings an educated, intelligent force into the company.  It really was a family of people working together. 

Through the years many changes have taken place. Mitch passed away and Cassandra retired.  Then at the end of 2012, Mike purchased out the remaining ownership of Dave, Jon and Ron. Dave and Ron have chosen to retire and now Mike, along with his brother Jon, his son Nick, daughter Stephanie, nephew Jason and a very talented management team run the company.  It still retains the family culture and continues to grow.

Mission Statement

The mission of Combined Transport Logistics Group, Inc. is to be a growth-oriented provider of a variety of flatbed, heavy and specialized trucking services, always seeking to become the preferred employer for all our drivers and the preferred transportation provider for all of our shippers.

To accomplish this, we will do the following:

At Combined Transport, Inc., we are a family of people working together to build a better future for our customers, shippers and ourselves. We’re moving into the future.