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Business Plan & Strategy / Global Perspective

The Combined Transport Logistic Group of companies provides truckload transportation logistics services under existing common and contract authority for general and specialty commodities throughout 48 states and Canada using company owned and leased tractors, flatbeds, vans, refrigerated, tanker and specialty trailers and partner carriers. 

The company has a broad domestic and international shipper base consisting of manufactures of building materials and wood products, steel, pipe, flat glass, chemical machinery and equipment.  To meet the multi-national demands of its shippers, the company works closely with them to provide specifically designed transportation systems that enable productivity gains in current markets and the opportunity to open new markets.  Using their expertise in the glass transportation industry, Combined developed "Uncrated Glass Trailers."

This system provides just-in-time service from the glass plant to the consignees utilizing specially designed trailers.  These trailers haul the glass without any wood crating that must be later disposed of - an important consideration in today's environmentally sensitive world.  Also, additional pounds of glass can be hauled in lieu of the expensive wood crates.  The company has greatly expanded in the highly specialized heavy haul industry. 

Working in concert with the large heavy haul trailer manufactures, Combined has developed lightweight, yet strong, multi-axle lowboy trailers with removable goosenecks for the high wide and heavy freight.  An example of this is the uniquely designed "Transformer Trailer."  This trailer utilizes a removable belly that allows large electrical transformers to be hauled lower to the ground.  When dealing with transformers that are sometimes 16 feet high, this reduction on overall height saves utility companies thousands of dollars in permits, escorts and out-of-route mileage fees. 

A recent example where Combined has used their expertise on developing trailers and traffic solutions is for the windmill industry.  The new Schnabel trailer that handles wind mill towers up to 100' long and weighing over 120,000 pounds had its debut in 2006.  The company currently has nineteen of these trailers along with other trailers that handle the turbines, hubs, smaller tower sections and blades. 

An area where Combined has greatly expanded their service is logistics. Combined successfully works with several service providers to coordinate the movement of a large percentage of the freight from a certain location, even up to 100%.  Combined has successfully established Asset Based Logistics (ABL) along with 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) services at a number of different shippers, such as PPG Industries, Mitsubishi and Siemens.

Combined Transport Logistics Group of companies continues to create new trailers and logistics systems for the ever-changing freight markets.  The addition of intermodal transportation with our rail spur and the entree into the van, refrigeration and tanker freight market adds to the commitment of being the total solution for shippers seeking complete solutions.  This commitment to innovation and diversification, keeps Combined on the cutting edge of freight transportation.