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The Driver Is The Customer


At Combined Transport, the “Driver is the Customer”

Several years ago, as a growing logistics company, we looked at what was happening in the trucking and transportation industry and we made the conscious decision to examine “who is our customer?”  Through that process, we determine that there several individuals and entities that we are happy to serve; however, it also became apparent that we needed to clearly state and believe in “who is our customer.”

Through this process, we made the decision and integrated into our company culture the belief that the “Driver is the Customer”.  What this means is that everyone at Combined Transport is focused on what is best for the driver.  Whether you are a dispatcher, mechanic, accountant, manager, etc. we are focused on what is best for the driver.  We are convinced that if we focus on what is best for the driver, then everything else will take care of itself appropriately.

We also believe that “the customer is not always right”.  In real terms, we mean that we all need to work well together and have effective communication.  If any of us take an unfair advantage of a working relationship, then we won’t grow as individuals or as a team.  For example, if a “customer” (driver) calls into their dispatcher and starts using foul language or is screaming at them unnecessarily, this would be an example of when, “the customer is not always right”.