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Being Part of a Work Family - What does it mean at Combined Transport Inc.


Most team members that make the decision to join Combined Transport are in shock for the first several weeks at the company.  They are in disbelief about who we are and why we passionately behave in the manner that we do.  This shock is often experienced the most by our drivers.  Here are some of the things that drivers have told us that they noticed after coming to Combined Transport:









Since its inception, Combined has followed strategy of specialization. Operating in the deregulated world of trucking Combined continues to strive toward market segments where service requirements are high, competition is restricted by entry costs and expertise in equipment and compliance is needed. Industry segments such as uncrated glass hauling, heavy hauling, transformers and windmills all meet the specialization requirements we are seeking. The strategy of specialization has meant that revenue per miles figures have consistently beaten the industry averages.


Our strategy is to focus on the total well-being of our drivers.  If we treat our drivers well, compensate them fairly, provide them with quality equipment and support them in their desire to service the shipper, then everyone reaps the benefit of that commitment.

Team Members

Like our drivers, we feel that to have the best team members, we need to treat them with kindness and respect.  We offer all qualified team members, including drivers, an extensive health/dental/vision/life insurance program.  Also, besides the 401K, we contribute up to 3% of their salaries, without the need to match funds, to all employees and drivers.  Our headquarters building includes full health club facilities including a racquetball court, weight machines and aerobic machines.


Our philosophy in regard to technology, as stated in our Mission Statement, is to invest in those products that assure our customers and shippers that we will be able to meet their requirements.  One of the things we have done to accomplish this goal is the new web page that we have developed,  The redesigned site allows our customers to track their shipments while en route over the Internet.  The web site also allows our team members, owner-operators and drivers to gather their pay records and other important information.  We also use the site to sell our used equipment and to hire drivers.  We have invested heavily in our computer systems and our telecommunications equipment.  We utilize PeopleNet and Rand McNally for the on-board communications systems on our trucks.  These state-of-the-art systems enable our drivers to receive their permits, routing information, fueling information, safety videos and dispatches all within their cab.  We also use these devices to implement electronic logging for our drivers. Armed with this arsenal of tools our team can provide the services our customers and shippers are looking for.


Combined is one of the last major trucking companies in the U.S. to offer terminal pay, the immediate payment to the truck after delivery.  This fact helps keep the independent owner-operators hauling our loads over the competition even when our rate may be lower.  This philosophy is also followed with paying trade vendors. We've never believed in "using our vendor's money".  All bills are paid on the next check run after they arrive in our office, no waiting time or cutoffs.  We feel that our vendors prefer to do business with us and offer us better and more services without higher costs.  Another result of these policies is that our accounts payable is consistently lower than other trucking and non-trucking companies.