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When you have a freight transportation problem that is more than just “pick up here and deliver there”, then you need to contact our Logistics Department.  This department specializes in those problems that demand a fresh look.  Many times when planning for freight transportation, it is easy to just do it like you always have.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Combined Transport, Inc. provides solutions to all types of freight problems.  Our goal is not to just give you lower rates; we strive to give you lower operating costs and more efficient freight movement.

We have reinvented shipping departments all over the US. We can start at the end of your production line, like we did for PPG Industries in Salem, OR and provide a full service team that actually manages your warehouse, load and unloads your products onto our trucks and manages the over the road shipments.  We can also restructure your whole loading system.  At another facility, we reorganized their scheduling department and are now doing all of the scheduling of their loads at our corporate headquarters in Central Point, OR.  We took existing internet and computing functions that Pilkington was using, integrated them into our technologies and eliminated manpower costs at the plant that they could use in different areas.  Also, we have reduced detention time at the dock by being more efficient with their loading crews’ times.

In some cases, we have taken over the entire shipping, scheduling, loading and transporting functions.  At a factory in Woodland, CA,  a customer wanted to get out of the “trucking” business and concentrate on their core business, making plastic pipe.  We put men on the ground there to handle the scheduling and loading functions.  We placed equipment on site for spotting and loading whenever they wanted.  We put in a regional fleet for those tricky, hot shipments that always come up.  And we are responsible for moving 100% of their other freight using our line haul equipment, or when we are not available, our partner carriers’ equipment.  These are just a few example of what we can do for you.  However, each situation is unique.  Let us craft a unique solution for you.  We are an asset based logistics company that will back up what we say with our own equipment.  We do not rely on someone else’s assets.  Our trucks, our technology, our people.


Flat glass is transported on our a-frame flatbed and lowbed trailers. We have been fortunate to have a number of logistics and dedicated agreement with our customers in this industry. In 2013 our glass division continued to be one of our strongest sectors.  Combined proudly employs the most efficient, state of the art equipment available to our industry. Our specialty lowboys, step-decks and flatbeds move crated and uncrated glass and accommodate partial truckloads of general commodities throughout the 48 states and Canada. We are committed to the operation of a high performance fleet complete with onboard computer systems to provide the assurance of timeliness and cost effectiveness.

Heavy Haul

This market is dominated by freight that is over dimensional such as transformers, earth moving equipment, cranes, and mining equipment and freight that requires the use of specialty lowboy and multi-axle trailers. Our expertise in this type of equipment helps us to sustain a market leading presence. Our company remains in high demand due to our excellent equipment and service. 

The fastest growing division of the Combined Transport, Inc. family allows us to haul oversized and structures with multi-axle heavy haul trailers. Working in concert with heavy haul trailer manufacturers, we have developed strong light weight, multi-axle lowboy trailers with removable gooseneck (RGN) for high, wide and heavy freight. Our expertise in transformer hauling is unmatched in the industry. The uniquely designed "Transformer Trailer" allows transformers to be hauled lower to the ground reducing overall height. No project is too big or too small for Combined Transport, Inc.


This is Combined Transport’s newest division. We have embraced the wind energy industry and have invested heavily into equipment designed to haul windmill components. Using our expertise with equipment, we designed Schnabel trailers that are used to haul large windmill tower segments. These hydraulic, double Schnabel trailers, pick-up the tower from the front and back, without the assistance of cranes. We can haul the tower lower, safer, and with reduced routing miles, escort costs and regulatory hang-ups.

Wind Energy has become an integral part of life in North America, with our society moving towards a healthy and independent future.  As a supplier for wind energy we fully understand the extraordinarily complex problems that can arise during Wind Tower Transport moves. Experience and safety every time is the key to a successful Superload move.

Our Wind Team consists; of safe and professional Truck Drivers, certified experienced Escorts, an in house Heavy Haul Permit Department that is well versed in providing optimum solutions for complex Oversize Wind Energy needs, and efficient, organized coordinators to oversee and ensure that the entire operation runs smoothly.  Combined Transport has developed an in depth Safety Training Program consisting of classroom and field classes, as well as weekly updates sent directly to the Truck Drivers on board computers. We have created Transportation Safety Programs that consist of a Movement Process Plan, and Information Manuals, which are available for review upon customer request.