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Wind Components

This is Combined Transport’s newest division. We have embraced the wind energy industry and have invested heavily into equipment designed to haul windmill components. Using our expertise with equipment and our excellent relationship with equipment manufacturer Aspen Trailers, we designed Schnabel trailers that are used to haul large windmill tower segments. These hydraulic, double Schnabel trailers, pick-up the tower from the front and back, without the assistance of cranes. We can haul the tower lower, safer, and with reduced routing miles, escort costs and regulatory hang ups. Our outstanding financial results in 2012 were thanks in large part to this exciting industry. In 2013, the number of wind equipment related shipments were down considerably due to the delays implementing the wind tax credit.

However, in 2014 the industry rebounded somewhat and our wind division showed improved results. In the past few years we have handled three of the largest wind projects in the country with jobs at Shepherd’s Flat, in Oregon, the Duke Energy job in TX, and the Rippey/Hawkeye job in Iowa. In 2014 our largest project was the Green Pasture I & II wind farm. Our logistics team did an outstanding job utilizing partner carriers and our own equipment to bring these jobs in on time. In 2015, we are already scheduled for a number of large wind moves in Texas and North Dakota, among others.  It should be a very good year for wind shipments.

Wind Component Sales

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